Eastern Lincoln Development District

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In August 2009 Lincoln County's new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) became effective across the County. During the public hearings to adopt this document, one reoccurring issue that was discussed was the diversified nature of Lincoln County. Development regulations needed to reflect the character and desires of the community; in the eastern part of the county, growth and development issues are different from other areas. Therefore it was determined that more detailed building and site development regulations were necessary to adequately manage the type development occurring along the most traveled corridors. The result of this is the Eastern Lincoln Development District (ELDD). This document adds development requirements but also provides greater flexibility to new industrial, commercial, office and multi-family developments in eastern Lincoln County; it does not affect single family homes. The Planning Staff and Planning Board have worked diligently on the ELDD in order to address the concerns raised at several public meetings and to finalize the draft document for public review. Furthermore, county staff has met with various civic groups over the past year and have worked through several issues noted by these groups.

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